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Small chasing Tall

Small chasing Tall is another wonderful game we developed. It’s a very strategic game, fun, useful to learn a lot of life lessons and all that with a lot of action. You can play it with big groups or small ones.
Even if it’s a game with a lot of action you can play it with participants in all kind of physical states together.
We got you a strategic running crouching laying speedily thinking evaluating cleverly negotiating and happily giggling game.

Aims of the game / What you can expect:

I really like this game because it is one of our games participants of all sizes and and physical condition can play together.

Everyone can chose their own game plan and change whenever they decide to do so.

  • Some will use their physical abilities, speed for example.
  • The small ones might use their size as an advantage (!).
  • If you have played long enough people will start negotiations of any kind, like “you know that I’m smaller so when we lay on the ground I might win, but you are faster than I am, so if you let me escape now I’ll free you next time you are caught”.
  • At some point you’ll find participants laying in pairs - or even groups - on the ground having their own friendly duel finding our who can move faster being “flat” at the same time.
  • It is very easy to catch someone who just freed you because you are sitting and usually they are standing / running.
    It is a great life lesson for everyone to chose if they like to take that advantage or show some personal style just to be grateful to be helped out. Oh, and yes, it’s another negotiation situation as well!
  • Sometimes players might team up using their different strengths like speed, size, negotiating skills to have an advantage.
  • When you play with a group and some participants have “handicaps” and others don’t it really doesn’t matter because we created this game in a way the “handicapped” might have huge advantages over the tall and muscular guys! It’s a real eye opener for some participants!
  • Another nice thing you’ll see is how players will evaluate their and other’s strengths and strategies. Am I taller than the one over there? Will she react faster than I do? Will he start to negotiate? Did the tiny girl I was chasing just pretended to be slower than I am to team up with the tiny girl behind me that just got me...?!


What you need

You just need a lot of people who want to have a lot of fun and a spot to run around safely.


The rules of the game

Explaining the rules of Small chasing Tall to your participants is exciting because you can cause a lot of delight - at different stages of the explanation for different groups of participants.

Here we go, oh well, here we run:

  • Small chasing Tall means the small ones chase the tall ones.
    (Usually you earn big excitement form the smaller ones of your group at this point of the explanation...).
  • Successfully chasing in this game means to touch someone who is taller than you are with your hand - carefully and politely of course.
  • When you were touched by someone smaller than you are you sit down, raise your hand and wait to be freed by someone friendly of any size by touching your hand. Only free players can free you.
    You might want to say a “Thank you!” and go on playing.
  • At this point of the explanation the smaller ones in your group will be very excited and eager to start playing and the taller ones will already look exhausted...

    So it’s time to reveal the twist:
    You can make yourself physically smaller than your chaser by crouching or even laying down! And so suddenly you are the chaser!
    Now the tall ones will be very excited and the small one will get big eyes! But, hey, they can make themselves smaller as well. And this is where the fun starts!
    Now we got for you instead of a “just running game” a “strategic running crouching laying speedily thinking evaluating cleverly negotiating and happily giggling game”!
  • If both participants touch each other at the same time and have the same height at that point both will sit down and have to be freed. Have a nice chat and make a new friend while you wait.
  • Safety tip:
    Please tell your participants not to crouch right in front of someone running - they might fall over them. And do not hit other people’s heads.
    During several years playing Small chasing Tall we never had an injury with these simple safety rules.

At the end of participants will be exhausted by running and most of all by laughing.


After playing Small chasing Tall you might want to try a short “Tall chasing Small”. The rules are the same just this time the Tall chasing the Small ones and you can make yourself taller by jumping. Usually the taller players are more exhausted than the smaller ones so those have an energy advantage...
Safety tip: Touching other player’s heads doesn’t count! We like to keep everyone’s brain cells intact!

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