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A lot of people already support the World’s Greatest Smile with their smiles - and we can reach it’s aims faster if we get some more help!
Here are some suggestions how to aid the World's Greatest Smile:

We have to raise funds to be able to organise the World’s Greatest Smile because it takes a lot of time and money to do so.
Every cent will be used for the international project World’s Greatest Smile!

Donation methods:


  1. Donate online with PayPal
    That is easy and fast: using the easy to use forms.
    Our account name for these is
    PayPal allows for onetime, monthly and yearly payment options.
    Click here:


  1. Money transfer

    “World’s Greatest Smile Project”
    Meike Duch
    Konto 1327463657
    BLZ 200 505 50

    This is the bank account:

Shop in our World’s Greatest Smile Shop!
All proceeds of this shop help to finance the World’s Greatest Smile Human Rights and Peace Project.
They keep it alive and help it grow!
Thank you very much for your support!

Become a Sponsor!
The World’s Greatest Smile could not be realised without the generous support of our sponsors and donators. There are and will be costs for researching and teaching, travelling, office work, buildings, stipends, information material and scholarships.
contact us to become a sponsor of the World’s Greatest Smile!

Become a World’s Greatest Smile Volunteer!
We need people with open minds, people with ideas, and people with special knowledge about communication, public relation, different cultures and religions, languages and much, much more.
If this is you please
contact us!
We are looking forward to welcoming you to the WGS-family!

Spread the World’s Greatest Smile!
The more people smile on the World’s Greatest Smile - Day the more successful and fun it will be!
Make as many people as possible know the World’s Greatest Smile and its meaning. Inform your fellows, friends, fellow pupils, idols, families and politicians about the World’s Greatest Smile!

  • Put a World’s Greatest Smile-link on your website!
    Blog about the World’s Greatest Smile, mention it on facebook, twitter and others.
  • Hang up a World’s Greatest Smile-poster in your shop window, your canteen and message boards!
  • Organise a World’s Greatest Smile-event with your business, family, club school and other kinds of groups!

If you are a journalist:
Report on the World’s Greatest Smile and if possible let us know about it! Please ask us when you wish more information, anecdotes or anything else!

If you are parents, grandparents, teacher or something like that:
Tell your children about the World’s Greatest Smile, take part together with them in the World’s Greatest Smile. Show them on a map the countries which already announced their participation and let them know that there live friendly people, too!

Take part in the World’s Greatest Smile - Day!

Let your imagination run away with you!
Become creative! We are sure you can have lots of great ideas! Paint WGS-Smile-pictures, compose songs, take peace-group-pictures... There are so many things to discover!
Let us know what you plan to do!
We are looking forward to your ideas!

Whenever you have any questions or helpful suggestions please contact us!

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