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World’s Greatest Smile
for Kids

If you have children or work with them, or you are a child by yourself - at least sometimes:
Here are some suggestions to have fun together and learn about the world, different people, friendly communication, teamwork, and the World’s Greatest Smile.




Participate in the World’s Greatest Smile-Day!

A lot of schools and other groups of children from all over the world participate at the World’s Greatest Smile every year. Some of them organised whole World’s Greatest Smile days and weeks about friendship and friendliness!
To participate with your school is easy: You can smile together with the whole school, smile in single classes or everybody for himself.




We created a workshop for you about communication, differences and similarities, and how to live together in a friendly and peaceful world.
We provided some suggestions for considerations and conversations which you can use to find solutions for interpersonal challenges and for improving your team work. And beside that you could find answers to international issues.
Visit our Workshop



All children love to learn - if their basic needs are fulfilled. And almost all of them love to know more about about communication. They can learn that it is easier and much more fun to solve problems with words- in a friendly way!
Here are some
communication tips:


Play World’s Greatest Smile Games

Here you find a growing list of our games to enhance friendly and effective communication skills and teamwork - and have a lot of fun as well!
You can play the games with children, youths, adults, and groups with participants of mixed ages, too.


World’s Greatest Smile World Map

During the last years we talked with a lot of children about the World’s Greatest Smile, it’s aims and the future. And besides the deeper meaning of this project one of the most popular thing we gave them was a copy of the World’s Greatest Smile World Map. They just loved it and were very interested about the names and all kind of information about the different countries.
That’s why we put one online now.

You can - together with your children:

  • crayon in the countries
  • fill in the colours of the flags
  • paint local animals
  • add the names of the countries and continents
  • colour language groups
  • paint local places of interest or glue on pictures from travel catalogues
  • colour the international organisation participation
  • Imagine how people live in different countries and why there are distinctions.
  • Let your imagination run away with you!
  • Have fun!

Printable version of the World’s Greatest Smile World Map:



In addition to the other tips, these pages could be of use for you as well:



If you need more information about international organizations, countries, languages, and much more, here are some useful links:


If you need more ideas

If you need any help, ideas, suggestions or have any comments, please contact us:

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